Resources in Response to COVID-19

With the growing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the United States, museums must be well prepared for potential outbreaks as public spaces, employers for over 726,000 individuals, and institutions that hold significant public trust. Below are resources to help you navigate reopening, human resources, pausing projects, funding, and more.

Graphics, Office, and Social Distancing Supplies and Equipment

Bridgewater Studio Office Health + Safety Solutions

Traditionally, Bridgewater is a custom, all-in-house, design and fabrication studio. Since the onset of the pandemic we have redirected our creative efforts and have been manufacturing health and safety solutions for our healthcare work force and the general public. To date, we have produced 120,000+ face shields and have distributed them to 7 states and the UK. 10,000 shields have gone directly to small businesses and municipalities in and around Chicago and we are the main face shield provider for two separate hospital systems. We are dedicated to developing products, experiences and services that protect our communities and safely remind us that we’re better together.

Bridgewater Studios has developed a product guide for office and safety solutions. These include arm door pulls, face shields, workspace shields, and more.

Please reach out to us with any questions you might have, we are here to talk.

Social Distancing Graphics for Museums

To support our community during these unprecedented times and especially as businesses begin to reopen their doors, Entro is pleased to make available for free download a series of graphics and sign types that we designed to encourage physical distancing, personal hygiene and protective behaviour. We developed graphics for seating and floor spacers, as well as a collection of posters with new pictograms such as ‘mask and gloves’, ‘foot pedal operation’, and ‘hand sanitizer’ that represent current challenges for many facilities.

Graphics are available in English/French and English/Spanish

EXPLUS COVID-19 Product Catalog

As part of our effort to help museums, schools and companies open safely when the time is right, we have developed some products for contact-free visitor interaction.

Our In-House printing capabilities enable branding and messaging right on to the panel. Directional text, photo imaging, logos, and wayfinding are all possible enhancements available through our printing department. All products can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

We continue to develop new and innovative products that we can customize to fit your unique visitor experiences. Click the button to view products including: Desk separators, entrance management, bag inspection,  floor graphics, acrylic screens, and more.

Human Resources Information

Resources from HUB International

If you’d like additional information regarding managing your business through the COVID-19 crisis, please visit  HUB’s resource center by clicking the button below.

Mental Health and Wellness Resources

Mental Health in the Black Community: Sunshine Behavioral Health

Sunshine Behavioral Health created a free resource that has free or low-cost sources for mental health treatment in the black community.

Here are some highlights:

  • How Racism Causes Mental Health Issues
  • The Importance of Culturally Competent Care
  • Why Don’t Black People Seek Mental Health Help
  • Black Mental Health Providers

Sunshine Behavioral Health’s goal is to spread education and awareness. You can view the article and resources by clicking the link below.


Resources for Institutions Engaging in Capital Projects During Covid-19

from Zubatkin Owner Representation

Zubatkin has developed a series of articles about navigating issues for non-profit real estate and construction projects in the context of Covid-19.  Initial topics address strategies for assessing key capital project impacts, crisis communications & governance, and approaching construction pauses & stoppages.

Articles #4 and #5:

Other Articles Include:

  1. Effectively Assessing Capital Project Impacts: Five Fundamental Strategies
  2. Crisis Communications & Governance: Four Key Tasks
  3. A Checklist for Approaching Construction Pauses & Stoppages

View the articles on Zubatkin’s website –  Zubatkin will be  continually updating and adding content to the webpage as they respond to evolving needs.

Zubatkin Owner Representation is a project management and owner representation firm based in New York City.  They build their reputation by employing a strategic and collaborative approach–leveraging the depth of their experience, in-house technical expertise and project controls to support their clients throughout the planning and implementation of their projects.

Zubatkin Owner Representation is a Corporate Member of MAAM.

Programs, Collections, and Curatorial

Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative

COVID-19 Resource Hub

The Heritage Emergency National Task Force has compiled relevant COVID-19 URLs from its members and other stakeholders. It’s heartening to see so many resources shared so widely. However, that means you will likely encounter some of the same resources as you delve into these links. A wonderful example of how heritage sectors are inextricably woven together. Together, we will get through this.

These websites – including this one – are constantly being updated as new information becomes available, so be sure to bookmark this page and other favorites and check back frequently. If you would like HENTF to consider adding your organization’s resource page(s), please email

Collections Sustainability Rubric

Collections stewardship is not an island and not the sole responsibility of the collections management and curatorial staff. An institution that is stable and sustainable is one in which collections management is seen and treated as an integral and strategic aspect of the museum’s educational mission; its management, organizational health, and governance; and maintaining its relevance to its communities. Collections management staff, management and leadership, and the governing authority must work together and with equal diligence to promote institutional sustainability.

Deaccessioning is part of the life-cycle of an institution and an appropriate collections management practice. Generally speaking, deaccessioning does not cause institutional failure. However, deaccessioning is often a symptom of institutional challenge if it is considered as a means to financially stabilize an institution.

When ethical practices in administration and collections management are overlooked and when the necessary human and financial resources and support for collections and their management are neglected, sustainability is at risk.

The Collections Sustainability Rubric is an assessment tool to help you:

  • gauge the health of your institution and stability of its collections
  • self-check if your museum is going down a pathway towards a crisis that could lead to a decision to improperly deaccession collections

The Association of Science and Technology Centers has developed a resource page for science centers and technology museums.

The Association of Art Museum Directors has developed a resource page for museum professionals in response to COVID-19.

Resources include articles on talking to your staff and how art museums are responding.

Centers for Disease Control Webpage on COVID-19

Take care of your mental health, too.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has developed an article to help you work through this COVID-19 outbreak. For the article, “Taking Care of your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty”, please click the button below.


If you’re thinking of donating supplies to your local hospital, please call them first! Hospitals are happy to take donations of nitrile gloves and N95 respirator masks. Please note that hospitals may not accept hand-sewn masks.

If you are part of a larger community network, we recommend that you designate one or two individuals from your museum network to collect supplies and bring them to a local hospital. The more we can minimize exposure, the better.

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