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MAAM 2016 Annual Conference

October 20-22, 2016

Wilmington, DE

Hotel Dupont

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MAAM, the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums, represents current and emerging museum professionals, organizations, institutions and museum service providers via a collective forum in order to enhance and elevate the image of museums and educate individuals on an array of field-specific studies and programs. The MAAM annual meeting is an important gathering of museum stakeholders and provides a dynamic opportunity to share and exchange ideas.


MAAM’s Annual Meeting is back in Wilmington, Delaware! After the success of MAAM’s 2015 conference in Philadelphia, centered on the hot-button issue of diversity, we’re inviting museum professionals and students to join us in another year of open and honest conversations about the benefits and challenges facing the evolving museum community of the 21st century.


How can museums move out of their comfort zones to explore controversial issues through their exhibits and programming, and also address their community’s changing demography? Find out how museums and allied institutions in the region and beyond have embraced and dealt with issues of inclusion, diversity, and hiring and pay equity practices. Attendees will discover how museums of all types, disciplines, and sizes can become more relevant to their multiple audiences by telling new stories designed to inspire, provoke wonder, nurture dialogue, and foster learning.

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